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Step into the world of Colombo Hash House Harriettes, a vibrant tapestry woven since Twentieth of June Nineteen Eighty Four, connecting global traditions of the Hash House Harriers but with our unique Sri Lankan spin. Nestled in bustling Colombo, our adventures stretch throughout Sri Lanka. From tranquil paddy fields to sun-kissed beaches, dense jungles to urban parks—we've run it all.

Saturday is our day of merriment. Why? Because, while we began our adventures on Wednesdays, we've since declared Saturday sacred for our runs. To get a bit more formal, our runs follow the classic 'hare and hound' tradition. A hare lays out a trail—over beautiful landscapes and challenging terrains—and the rest, as hounds, chase it down.

As a separate kennel from the Hash House Harriers, we bear a unique sigil—a curvy flying witch, perfectly encapsulates our essence—playful, a tad mysterious, and absolutely exhilarating. As a mixed group, we welcome adults of all backgrounds, our rich diversity is our pride. The journey ends in circles filled with beers, snacks, rib-tickling jokes, and off-tune but heartfelt songs. The real reward, beyond reaching the finish line? The bond of friendship, the circle of laughter, and the shared tales of adventures (or misadventures). And for those who might occasionally get mischievous, there's a seat on ice awaiting!

We toast, we sing, we celebrate, but always within the boundaries of respect and safety. And while we're famously a drinking club that has a running problem, the choice to drink is yours. We're more about the experience and less about the pint! So, if your spirit aligns with ours and if you vow to keep Saturdays holy for runs, drop us a line or two, and let's make some memories!